Whitewater Canoeing

Course Overview: The Whitewater Canoeing course is for canoeists interested in learning the skills required to efficiently paddle on rivers with Class II to III rapids by catching smaller eddies, making sharp peel outs, and effective ferries. Participants at this level aspire to attain a higher level of canoeing skills, improve the quality of their strokes and maneuvers, and increase their river rescue knowledge. This course is appropriate for properly outfitted whitewater tandem and/or solo canoes. It can be taught tandem, solo, or both.  (From ACA Description for Level 4: Whitewater Canoeing Skills Course)

Course venue is a Class II to III section of the Appomattox River, a state designated Scenic River, or the James River in Richmond if the Appomattox River level is too low.

Canoes, paddles and lifejackets provided, or you may bring your own.

Send an email to the instructor at paul.clemmer@verizon.net to sign up or get more information.

For additional small group instructional river outings and canoeing adventures contact Paul at paul.clemmer@verizon.net

Sample Agenda: Whitewater Canoeing Skills Course

(Course will be held on Class II-III whitewater river):

Skills Session, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Introduction and Logistics

River Running Essentials

Warm-up and Review of Basic Paddling Skills

River Maneuvers

Learn and practice basic and advanced paddle strokes

Safety and Rescue practice


Down River Session 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Run river with instructor to learn and practice whitewater canoeing skills

Down River Session 2 (Date & Time TBD)

Run river with instructor to learn and practice whitewater canoeing skills

To reserve a spot in a class, email the instructor at paul.clemmer@verizon.net 

Class fee is $65 per session + $10 ACA Event Fee

Attend all 3 sessions for $150 + $10 ACA Event Fee.